Layered Bangle

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Made from: brass based alloy

Colour: Silver

Made by: Noah’s Ark

Size: Diameter: 6.5cm Width: 3cm

More information about the producer:

Noah’s Ark is a fair trade handicraft marketing organisation created in 1986 and based in the city of Moradabad.

Most of the artisans are women, who benefit from the fact that they can work from home and maintain their responsibilities for children and the home. Noah’s Ark provides benefits such as education and medical treatment for artisans and their families.

Noah’s Ark was founded before the concept of Fair Trade existed in Moradabad and their objective was to eliminate exporters taking advantage of artisans and their crafts. They provide regular employment to 300 people, run evening schools for children in remote villages and help artisans to build and establish their own workshops.

More about the brand:

Shared Earth is a wholesale company with a mission to redress the imbalance of wealth in the world.  They ensure the artisans who make their products get a fair wage and work in a safe and healthy environment. They believe that the community as well as the individual should benefit from their trade. They work with approximately 40 suppliers in 15 countries and many of their products are made using sustainable or recycled materials. 

Shared Earth is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which ensures their performance against the ethical standards set by WFTO.